Computers can’t proofread!

Although computer spellchecks are a useful tool, they can’t tell you if a word is correct in the context of your sentence. Your word may be spelt correctly, but it might not be the right word to use.

For example, your computer will often tell you that all of these are correct, wherever you put them:

  • past or passed
  • lead or led
  • their or there or they’re
  • who’s or whose
  • effect or affect
  • it’s or its
  • stationary or stationery
  • capital or capitol

There are many more examples. Computers are extraordinary, but they still can’t match the power of the human brain or entirely understand all the quirks and irregularities of language. If you have ever used an online translator and then been laughed at by your friends abroad (as I have), you’ll know what I mean!