How much does proofreading cost?

I usually charge by the hour rather than giving a price per page or number of words, because some documents will have more mistakes than others. I will give you a fairly accurate estimate if you send me your document in advance, and I will offer a fixed price for large documents such as books (provided that I have seen the document in advance). There will be a charge if I need to print your document in order to proofread it. Short documents will be subject to a minimum charge. Contact me for my current hourly rates.

What format should my document be in?

I can proofread documents in Microsoft Word, and make changes on-screen in red or by using Word’s reviewing function so that you can see the changes. If your document is not in Word, contact me to discuss your needs – I may need to print your document and make changes on paper.

What kinds of work will you proofread?

I will proofread any document in UK English. I have proofread all kinds of work, including student essays and dissertations, author’s manuscripts, business reports, forms, manuals, financial reports, marketing materials and promotional literature.

How long will it take?

I will give you an estimate of the time involved when I see your document (or a sample of it). I am often able to fit in last-minute work, but I recommend that you contact me before your document is ready. I can then make sure that I am available to proofread for you and finish your document on time.